Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reasons for Blogging (subject to change)

There has to be some justification for the addition of another voice to the online cacophony - wait, no. A cacophony might imply a lost or possible harmony. The internet is a soup and blogging is like singing face down in a bowl of it. But I'm submerging my face, so to speak, because my becoming not shit at thinking requires, at this working-four-days-a-week-in-uni-admin-and-not-yet-enrolled-in-a-PhD juncture, some new routines. As such:

This blog is a place to practice some more directly Marxist thinking because I'm sure comrades are sick of me banging on about Hegel (I'm sick of me banging on about Hegel). I will still bang on about Hegel. He's very important.

It's a place for thoughts that don't fit into dry academic articles or wet lyric poems - or don't fit yet.

It's an attempt to introduce some degree of objectivity (some being-for-others) into my journal keeping. This is part of a more general attempt to attenuate the subjectivist triad of ambition - fear of failure - total incapacitation by attaching my name to determinate political positions, by submitting the oscillations of isolated reflection to some image of the real, i.e. intersubjective, world.

In other words, it's a place to publicly (as public as a blog is or isn't) record some statements that may well turn out to be wrong, or that I might disagree with later. A wounded narcissism is the only chance of changing. Like Hegel says:

"The force of spirit is only as great as its expression, its depth goes only as deep as it trusts itself to disperse itself and to lose itself in its explication."

It's also a place to post some great Hegel quotes.

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    Thank you for your comments on my review. I've just written a quick response to your post, but I don't seem to be able to post it in the comments as it is too long. I tried splitting it into component parts, but, once again I got the error message. Is it possible that you could post your e-mail address in the comment box below, so that I could send you my reply? It's not polemical or grumbling (or at least I hope not), but I thought I should do you the courtesy of replying to this.

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