Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Name of Blog

I flirted with "Gene E in a Bottle" for a while but couldn't take the cheese. And although I didn't want another "Adjective Noun" blog like you can random generate, Klee's Chosen Site was there, staring at me from desktop background. 

Chosen Site is ... well, "dialectical" barely begins to describe it. I love how the moon is more complex, more embroidered than the city but still composed of the same material.

I also like how (1) its de-totalised cubism presents the thought of immanent ideality at the core of both aesthetic art and revolutionary politics as well as the fragility of this thought; (2) its title references the modern problematic of autonomy (the "chosen") and heteronomy (the given, the "site"); and (3) its palette and spacing suggests the haunting of Australian settlement by its originary force/violence/Gewalt (Klee was a Benjamin favourite, so I'm going to claim a link here).

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